Mikkom launches mCB Easy - a self-service booking solution

Windsor, UK. Mikkom has launched a "Lite" version of its mCB online booking and 2-way patient communications system. "mCB Easy" delivers all the functionality found in the more complex mCB Core version, but in a format and with additional functionality that Mikkom hopes will appeal to the SME healthcare market segment, such as chiropractors, osteopaths and smaller independent clinics or specific departments. In addition to its complex booking capabilities, mCB Easy also allows users the ability to self-manage their landing pages, as well as automatically generation of their unique and secure booking address. As with previous version of the product, mCB Easy can be deployed as a secure Cloud solution and enjoys the same data security. Mike Unger, Mikkom MD, says "mCB Easy is the next step in our programme of bringing best-in-breed booking systems to a sector of the market that has always had to be satisfied with limited functionality - [mCB] Easy changes all that".

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Homerton launch new integrated GUM booking system

Windsor UK. Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust have launched their new integrated GUM booking system, accessible both from the web and within all their London clinics, providing patients with a fast, confidential way in which to book their sexual health and contraception appointments. The system seamlessly allows patient data, collected either online or via a kiosk, to be transferred from the booking system into a secure staging area, thereby speeding up the patient registration process after arrival in the clinic. Believed to be the first of its kind in the country, Mikkom's mCB booking system allows patients to use either a fixed kiosk to enter their details or, for convenience, the patient can also use their own smart device to register their personal details via the dedicated in clinic WiFi system.

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Meeting the new GDPR regulations

At Mikkom, the relationships we have with our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and that means we value your trust. With the advent of the new GDPR data protection regulations, which come into effect on May 25th, we welcome the opportunity to tell you how we ensure the safety and security of your information. What we do: In order to provide IT services to you, we do process some staff and patient data on your behalf – such as email addresses and mobile numbers – for contacting patients as part of the service we provide to the NHS Trusts as well as internal system administrat...

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Missed hospital appointments (DNAs) – a more complex calculation?

Having listened, last week, to the BBC’s “More or Less” programme (, which had a short article dealing with whether missed appointments (DNAs) really do cost the NHS £1bn last year, I was surprised to hear an expert health statistician state that, in his view the cost of a missed appointment was “nearer £0 than £120”. I must admit to having been more than slightly surprised by this, given that he was an expert in this field. Yes, the simple calculation – that a DNA causes doctors and nurses to sit around and waste time, lights and heating – is probably...

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Healthcare exports to Czech Republic

One Monday evening, last December, Mikkom, was one of only 5 UK companies, exhibited at a networking reception hosted by The British Ambassador, Jan Thompson OBE, at the British Embassy in Prague. The event, which was attended by some of the most senior doctors and administrators in the Czech Healthcare sector, was aimed at forging new partnerships and supporting cooperation between the UK and the Czech Republic in the field of digital healthcare technologies.

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