UK shows fall in HIV transmission rates

Public Health England (PHE) has published its annual elimination of HIV and HIV testing reports for 2017 The report shows that, overall, there is a a fall in HIV transmission rates in the UK. PHE puts this down to the ongoing investment over many years in effective preventative measures, which it says is now paying off. Mikkom is proud to have played a small part in this, especially at Chelsea & Westminster's central London Dean Street clinics, where Mikkom's mCB Fast Track system (http://www...

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Red Deer PCN Goes Live with Online Booking and Automated Reminder System

Red Deer Primary Care Network (RDPCN), located in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, has gone live with Mikkom's mCB online booking and appointment reminder system. The mCB system, which has been fully integrated with RDPCN's existing in-house developed document management platform for Microsoft (DMP), not only provides patients with an online booking capability but also automatically reminds patients several days before an appointment is due. The reminder text or email – matched to the patient’s preference – offers an easy cancellation option that automatically frees the appointment both in the book...

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Fast Track goes live in RBCH

Mikkom's Fast Track system has gone live at Bournemouth's RBCH GUM department, taking over from the previous VQS system that had been in service for some years. The new Fast Track system offers patients the ability to view open slots online, as well as still make requests by text. It was important for RBCH to maintain the ability to text for appointments as, in parts of the surrounding County, a 3G or 4G mobile signal is difficult to come by, making SMS the only way many patients can access the service.

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GSK selects Mikkom's online booking solution for its internal staff flu vaccination programme.

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Dean Street Express goes live with Mikkom's "Fast Track" online booking solution

Dean Street Express, part of the Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust, has gone live with Mikkom's new "Fast Track" online booking solution. Implemented to relieve the stress of "walk-in" queues that stretched out of the door and down the street, "Fast Track" allows patients to select a time that suits them, either by arriving at the clinic, choosing a convenient time and booking at a terminal or simply booking online from their computer, smartphone or tablet. "Fast Track" also offers a simple and easy cancellation option to maximise appointment availability.

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