Revolutionise your patients lives and put yourselves back in control by taking the guess-work out of running your walk-in clinics

Mikkom’s Fast Track system provides healthcare providers with the ability to provide clients with online or text-based tickets for walk-in or booked clinic slots.

Patients request an appointment  - or in the case of walk-in clinics, a slot-time – by going online or texting a specific published number.  Fast Track then responds in real-time - online or by text - in one of a number of ways:

  • Confirms the appointment or slot time, if one is available.
  • Informs the patient that the clinic is full or closed and signpost the available alternatives – e.g. call a central booking number or redirect to book online through a different system
  • Allow clinic staff to manually book patients into the clinic for emergency appointments.
  • Inform previously registered patients that they are already booked – to avoid malicious or accidental situations where people may try to book multiple slots.

Unlike many similar systems, Fast Track also has additional capabilities to react to “opening and closing” times for booking, including pre-set holiday dates – e.g. Clinics are only available to be booked between specified hours.  Additionally, patients can cancel a slot by sending a text or online message – to “CANCEL” their slot, which is then released for use by another patient thus reducing DNAs and wasted clinic time.


mCB Core

The standard mCB Core system is used to define the criteria on which the Fast Track system runs. Services can be defined to operate against various access channels – e.g. Service ‘A’ is accessible only online, while Service ‘B’ is only accessed via SMS, and so forth. Core is also used to monitor the ‘day list” against which clients are registered as they arrive into clinic.


Fast Track may be combined with a number of hardware devices, most commonly some form of kiosk, to allow clients to self-register upon arrival. Working from the clients expected for that day’s clinic, it is possible to minimise staff interaction by allowing patients to validate themselves as having arrived.


As with the mCB online booking system, Fast Track has inbuilt links to the Messenger module, providing appointment notifications via the same multi-channel, 2-way messaging function, without external intervention. Through Messenger, clients are notified of appointment details and can easily respond to cancel their appointment.

Additional triage capabilities

As with the main mCB online booking system, it is possible in Fast Track to apply triage criteria, to ensure only the correct type of patient can access the service.


Regain control of walk-in environments

Fast Track allows clinic staff to regain control of their walk-in environment. Clinics can be adjusted in real-time to reflect that resources available to cope with demand. Moreover, if a clinic needs to be cancelled at short notice, patients can be notified automatically and rebooked, saving staff wasted effort and patients wasted journeys.

Multi-channel access and in-built security

Fast Track can be accessed either online or via text (SMS). Keywords can be used, when texting, to define the sender’s requirements, such as time of day, day of week or the type of service wanted. Fast Track automatically checks for users who already have appointments, so valuable clinic slots are not taken up through multiple bookings.

Cloud-based or in-house - you choose

Fast Track can be deployed either in a secure cloud-based environment or, if preferred, locally on-site, using the client’s own IT infrastructure. Additionally, Fast Track can be tailored to a client’s designated look and feel, ensuring the service matches and maintains their in-house branding.

Comprehensive self-service admin system

Fast Track deployment requires minimal intervention from Mikkom. Thereafter, clinics can be maintained and modified through the comprehensive administration functionality in the mCB Clerk system. Easy-to-use tools include easy-to-use methods of generating appointment slots, closing slots and extracting reports data, plus much more.

Reduce staff workload via self-registration

If Fast Track can be linked to tablet or kiosk technologies that can further improve clinic efficiency, by allowing patients to self-register their arrival into clinic. Working against the day-list, while maintaining data integrity and patient anonymity, Fast Track can validate patients against known criteria, further reducing the workload for desk staff.

Cost-effective, rapid to deploy

Fast Track can be deployed quickly and easily, saving time and money, meaning a service can be up and running in a matter of hours. With today’s stresses on walk-in environments, Fast Track ensures the minimal number of people waiting at any given time and smooths patient throughput, thereby lessening the pressure on patients and staff alike.



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