Whether being used as a secure patient portal or to provide added security for 3rd party apps, GoBetween is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to provide internal and external secure clinic communications

GoBetween is a new way to communicate both with and about patients.  The GoBetween solution provides a secure, encrypted pathway for 2-way exchange of sensitive information.  GoBetween solves the widespread problem of having to use “open channels”, such as email or text, to contact patients quickly about sensitive subjects, or when clinicians need to share confidential patient information when seeking further consultation or advice.

The system can be used for a variety of purposes, such patients appointment reminders, delivery of confidential messages or providing patients with a secure mechanism to manage their clinic appointments.  GoBetween also allows Immediate notification of all new message on arrival (via SMS or email) to a patient’s or clinician’s messaging device.where all traffic passing through GoBetween can be mirrored in the patient record, thereby providing a full audit trail of events and ensuring that a complete record of patient communication and doctor involvement is maintained.


mCB Core

The mCB Core lies at the heart of the communications hub. The Core software allows the surrounding GoBetween system to be defined according to the requirements of the systems administrator. From within the Core system, clinic staff can communicate securely with patients via the internal messaging function or deploy or collect information surveys.

Secure messaging

GoBetween allows clinics and clients to communicate using a secure messaging tool via an encrypted “tunnel”. In addition to client communications, GoBetween also offers an alternative method for inter-clinic communications, sharing data, files and information without infringing information governance policies or compromising patient confidentiality.

Remote data deployment and capture

Using the internal “Survey Manager” tool, forms can easily and quickly be created to allow clinics to distribute or collect vital information from clients. This information, travelling via a secure, encrypted route, can be held for further validation or uploaded directly into the patient record. GoBetween allows for information to be polled and collected from a number of sources, combined and then presented to patients in a meaningful way.

3rd party applications

GoBetween provides an excellent way in which to protect existing investment in systems, even though they may not, in themselves, meet modern security criteria. 3rd party applications – including “apps” can be protected by wrapping them within GoBetween’s encrypted shell.

External APIs

Data from legacy systems can be used proactively within GoBetween, to enhance the effectiveness of the overall system. For example, by linking GoBetween to the EMR/PAS system, data can be securely collected through the forms management part of the system and then automatically uploaded into the client’s EMR, negating the need for re-keying by clerical staff.


Highly secure, multi-level encryption

Provides a secure, encrypted path for 2-way exchange of sensitive, client-related information – e.g. between patients and clinics or doctor to doctor. GoBetween avoids the usual problem of data being stored outside the clinical network, e.g. on client devices or within 3rd party or hosted networks.

Secure messaging, chat and video

Accessed from any smart device, GoBetween has ability to securely contact and share data with patients and co-workers without using open channels. Immediate notification of new portal-related events is sent to the client via their preferred option (SMS or email). If allowed, all traffic passing through GoBetween can be mirrored in an external client record, providing a full audit trail of events through the portal. Instant chat and video-conferencing are planned for mid-2017.

Client self-service update capability

Clients can use GoBetween to self-manage much of their interaction with their service provider. GoBetween can be used to update demographic details, send or respond to queries, log activity related to health plans or cancel or amend scheduled appointments. Through open APIs, information may be fed into or from GoBetween into external legacy systems or databases.

Multi-platform data brokerage

GoBetween can be used to broker information, garnered from multiple legacy or 3rd party databases, which then can be processed or combined to present meaningful information to the client, rather than delivering raw data and leaving it to the client to interpret. In this way faster and more meaningful outcomes can be achieved at reduced cost to the provider and increased benefit to the client.

Automate forms delivery/collection

GoBetween provides the mechanism by which electronic forms can be delivered and collected, either singly or in bulk. Furthermore, reminders can be set against forms that need to be filled in by a specific date/time. Notification of a form’s delivery or return is automatic and the data can be held or passed on to external databases, via open APIs, depending on predetermined rules.

Enhance security of external apps

Many apps that collect and process sensitive data are not, in themselves, particularly well-protected. GoBetween can be used to improve the security levels of such apps by wrapping the app to further enhance data communications and storage. The working of the app remains unchanged – GoBetween simply adds another level of protection.



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