mCB – a secure, multi-channel, bi-directional communications hub

Mikkom’s mCB suite offers service providers the option to build a secure, multi-channel, bi-directional, client communications hub, that enhances the effectiveness of legacy systems by allowing them to proactively combine data with modern media interaction.

mCB offers a flexible approach that helps smooth the path of improving client communications, regardless of the starting point.  Whether the initial requirement is for a robust, 2-way SMS system, for rapid booking capability or for remote secure data exchange, mCB provides the flexible building blocks to enable providers to knit together their existing system capabilities with mCB’s state-of-the-art functionality. 

This ability to mix the “old with the new” allows providers not only to protect the financial investment of tried and trusted legacy systems, but to proactively use client data in meaningful and innovative ways to deliver positive "bottom-line" results.  Furthermore, retaining much of the “familiar” environment ensures faster user-acceptance and reduces the worry related to the adoption of a new system.


mCB Core

The mCB Core lies at the heart of the communications hub. The Core software allows the surrounding mCB system to be defined according to the requirements of the systems administrator, matching services requested against services available.


This is a secure back-end system, usually housed in the clinic or within the hospital environment, for administrator-level users, primarily to configure the mCB system. The admin interface allows staff to configure services, users and locations and both generate appointment time rules and instigate ad-hoc updates. The system has been developed to support multi-language environments.

Online Booking

The mCB online booking solution is one of the most flexible in use today. It can generate its own appointment settings, via the Clerk system, or respond to direct feeds from 3rd party, legacy systems. Furthermore, the service can be customised to reflect the customer’s ethos, seamlessly matching the booking system “look and feel” with the calling web presence, thus ensuring client confidence in the booking process.


GoBetween, Mikkom’s secure portal, enhances the mCB booking process by providing clients with a secure platform from which to securely access and monitor all current and historic booking transactions. Furthermore, as all open-channel communications are limited in content – usually to letting a client know a new event has occurred in the portal – total security surrounding booking information is ensured.


The mCB online booking system has inbuilt links to the Messenger module, which provides the capability to deliver the same multi-channel, 2-way messaging function, without external intervention. Through this link, clients are notified of appointment details and can easily respond to cancel, rebook or request further information. The Messenger module allows for communications, not only via different media – SMS, email or voice – but also supports a variety of languages.

External APIs

mCB allows healthcare providers to leverage the power of their existing systems, protecting their existing investment, while making it work harder for them. This can be achieved as the mCB online booking process has published Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow any 3rd party diary system, which can be modified, to send and receive booking data thus enabling any diary system to act as the control in any booking process.


Embedded triage

mCB provides the ability to refine requests, based on data collected in real-time, which can be used to triage information to achieve the most effective result as part of the booking process.

Multi-location reporting

Multiple physical locations can be monitored and reported on in real-time, allowing clients optimum choice in were and when to make an appointment

Flexible real-time booking options

mCB Core determines what data can be entered for predefined units, locations, services, times and dates, as well as how requests may be triaged to determine the most efficient outcome. Additionally, Core allows users to define the rules of how a service, requested during a booking process, may be matched against the available locations that meet the criteria. As API communications can happen in real-time, this prevents booking collisions between online users and allows updates to the diary systems, made by back-end users, to be simultaneously recognised and logged.

Secure automated communications

mCB maximise the efficiency of the booking process by automating communications, such as appointment notification messages, matched to predefined client preferences. Apart from ensuring compliance to Information Governance guidelines, this helps reduce costs by minimising human intervention. Furthermore, as all mCB messaging capabilities are 2-way, clients can respond, via their preferred communications channel, and have their cancellation, rebooking or information request handled in real-time, regardless of the time of day or night – again without the need for costly human intervention.

Supplementary information delivery

Additional information may be automatically delivered as part of the booking process, through the secure portal, if it is used, or simply embedded within the notification message, for example, as a URL link. This helps increase to delivery of vital booking related info, while minimising the costs of physical printing and delivery of collaterals.

Monitoring and reporting

Monitoring and reporting of booking information is a critical part of ensuring a smoothly run and efficient operation. mCB has a number of in-built reports plus the ability to export information from the database in standard formats, to facilitate further detailed analysis of booking trends, allowing continual refinement of the services offered.



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