Mikkom’s mCB suite offers service providers the option to build a secure, multi-channel, bi-directional, client communications hub, that enhances the effectiveness of legacy systems by allowing them to proactively combine data with modern media interaction.

mCB offers a flexible approach that helps smooth the path of improving client communications, regardless of the starting point.  Whether the initial requirement is for a robust, 2-way SMS system, for rapid booking capability or for remote secure data exchange, mCB provides the flexible building blocks to enable providers to knit together their existing system capabilities with mCB’s state-of-the-art functionality. 

This ability to mix the “old with the new” allows providers to protect not only the financial investment of tried and trusted in-house hardware and software, but to proactively use client data meaningful and innovative ways to positively affect their bottom-line results.  Furthermore, retaining much of the tried, trusted and, above all, “familiar” environment ensures faster user-acceptance and reduces the stress of “new system” worry.



mCB Messenger delivers a multi-channel, 2-way messaging capability across SMS, email and voice. Messenger is Mikkom's most established product and provides users with a web-based portal for sending pre-set messages, via a variety of media. These messages can be bulk (i.e. a single message to many hundreds or thousands of recipients) or an individual message taken via the API from an external system. Additionally, messages can be populated with dynamic data, customizing each message by embedding specific data related to dates, times and other patient-related information. Furthermore, messages can be generated automatically, in response to a specific trigger – e.g. an incoming message – which provides the basis for using Messenger to operate as an information-response mechanism or intelligent survey tool.

External APIs

As with other mCB modules, Messenger has an open API to accept and return information related to sending and delivering messages. For example, Messenger takes real-time input from the mCB online booking system to send notification messages to clients, containing their specific date, time and location of appointments. Similarly, Messenger can take inputs from external legacy systems – such as EMRs – to deliver bulk appointment reminders.


Bulk sends or individual message delivery

Messenger’s multi-purpose flexibility lies in its ability to handle messaging to both mobile (cell) phone numbers and email recipients within the same system, with delivery reporting handled in the same way. Furthermore, although Messenger was designed for mass-communications and can handle hundreds of sends per second,

Multi-gateway for worldwide SMS delivery

Messenger can be easily deployed anywhere in the world, as it communicates via localised SMS gateways and has been designed to operate in multi-lingual environments, supporting Western and extended character sets. Furthermore, using standard technology, messages can be translated and saved in real-time before being transmitted by SMS or email.

2-way multi-channel capability

Providing patients with a simple, easy to use inbound messaging capability bolsters client satisfaction while streamlining the internal processes of any organisation. Inbound messaging provides a simple but effective additional channel to allow clients to pass on less complex amounts of information while simultaneously reducing staff phone time. Furthermore, direct “bottom line” business benefits include saving time and money in staffing and consumables and freeing staff time for more valuable tasks.

API links and embedded data

Messenger has open API capabilities that allow it to simultaneously handle bulk or individual sends from 3rd party systems. Furthermore, it can embed data from external sources, such as dates and times of appointments, location information or even encrypted links to facilitate slot cancellations, all in real-time prior to message sending.

Automated message scheduling

Messenger contains an automated scheduling facility, which allows the sending of individual or sets of messages to be predetermined. This can significantly reduce the costs incurred for activities related to manual intervention needed in many client relationships, in fields as diverse as medication control and car servicing.



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