mCB can be a key component for clients looking to improve the efficiency of their outpatient departments, increasing effectiveness both within the clinic environment and on the patient side.

A major limitation in many clinic environments is the disjointedness and number of systems used, with no common linkage between them and no common method of providing a single interface for centralised or automated reporting or control.  In some cases, the same organisation has multiple different systems in use – sometimes for the same purpose – or, even if there is commonality of system use, different versions of the same system make it impossible to standardise between them.

mCB provides the ability to create common patient touchpoints to allow patients to communicate into multiple “back-end” database systems, knitting together and presenting "meaningful" patient information, while standardising and simplifying the steps required to access, update or exchange data.

mCB communicates with the patient in the way preferred by the patient, for example providing confirmation of their appointment, via email or text message, thus easing the patient journey and improving the overall patient experience, while automatically saving time, money and staff hours.

Examples of where mCB also has in-built capabilities to smooth the clinic visit include:

  • giving patients options to fill in all necessary forms, ahead of their visit - saving time for the patient and the clinic.
  • allowing clinics to maintain and manage their appointment slots, ensuring their clinics run as efficiently as possible.
  • providing patients with simple and effective ways to communicate problems to the clinic – cancellation of appointments, for example.

mCB already supports a number of EMR/PAS system APIs, providing, amongst other things, seamless management and negotiation of appointment times directly from the main administration system.