Walk-in environments

mCB allows walk-in environments to be addressed as easily as booked clinics.  Key issues, such as

  • Taking the guesswork out of how many people will attend
  • Better matching the supply of staff against the demand of patients - especially in emergency situations
  • Saving costs
  • Increasing throughput and productivity
  • Improving efficiency of existing processes (e.g. by becoming more “paper light”)
  • Enhancing the user experience
  • Reducing stress in the waiting room – both for clients and staff
  • Maximising the overall impact on the bottom-line

can all be handled by mCB.  

Mikkom has developed a special SMS (text-message) based solution, called "Fast Track" that can handle any type of walk-in environment - whether in the medical field or not.  Fast Track is quick to deploy, cost-effective and is loved by staff and patients.