Deployed across many different application areas, from outpatient departments to specialist units in many different parts of the world, service providers rely on Mikkom to deliver dependable, cost effective solutions – day in, day out.


Messenger is used in many Outpatient departments to help reduce DNAs and also provide a secondary (or primary, in some cases) way of communicating with the departments - both for staff and patients alike.

Sexual Health

STIs are rising. So are NHS targets. Can your GUM clinic cope?

Mental Health

mCB is used within the Mental Health environment, to simplify and expedite the way in which patients quickly gain the best support for mental health issues, from depression and anger management problems to stress and worry. Such a service significantly impacts the way in which help for this increasing problem in society is being made more accessible to vulnerable people, 24/7.

Specialist Community Services

A majority of people are becoming more aware of the need to improve their health and wellbeing. mCB is being used as a strategic tool to connect communities to services that help them engage with and monitor their routes to a healthier lifestyle.

Walk-in environments

Mikkom has developed a special SMS (text-message) based solution, called 'VQS' (Virtual Queuing System)​ to handle any type of walk-in clinic - whether in the medical field or not. VQS is fast to deploy, cost-effective and is loved by staff and patients.