Mikkom launches mCB Easy - a self-service booking solution

Windsor, UK. Mikkom has launched a "Lite" version of its mCB online booking and 2-way patient communications system. "mCB Easy" delivers all the functionality found in the more complex mCB Core version, but in a format and with additional functionality that Mikkom hopes will appeal to the SME healthcare market segment, such as chiropractors, osteopaths and smaller independent clinics or specific departments. In addition to its complex booking capabilities, mCB Easy also allows users the ability to self-manage their landing pages, as well as automatically generation of their unique and secure booking address. As with previous version of the product, mCB Easy can be deployed as a secure Cloud solution and enjoys the same data security.

Mike Unger, Mikkom MD, says "mCB Easy is the next step in our programme of bringing best-in-breed booking systems to a sector of the market that has always had to be satisfied with limited functionality - [mCB] Easy changes all that".