VOLO Task Manager

A tailored task management solution designed to help volunteer teams assist local communities during the COVID crisis.

Working smarter and faster through an enhanced and refined workflow

In a situation of time and resource scarcity, it is essential that things are managed efficiently. The key operations within the system are designed around creating requests, task allocation and tailored roles.


Easy request registering

The swift and accurate addition of requests by users into the system was essential to providing the required assistance.


Efficient allocation of tasks

The way that tasks were assigned and subsequently tracked was based on the way in which the organisation operated in practice.


Well defined user roles

Different user levels determined data access permissions and simplified usage by only showing the relevant functionality for each role.

Lightweight and dependable

Built on a fast and robust framework, the application keeps complexity to a minimum, including only functionality that is explicitly needed, minimizing potential points of failure and ensuring focus is not lost on irelevant options.

Enhanced security

From our server infrastructure to the core components that the application uses, our system was designed with data safety and security in mind.

Data encryption

All identifiable information is encryption in the database. Along with carefully planned granular permissions, it ensures users only see the data that is relevant to them so that any potential for information leaks is minimized.

Augmented task flow.

Often times an organization is only as reactive as its tools allow it to be. That's why, when designing VOLO, we focused on priotizing speed of data entry for incoming requests.

Optimized for on-the-go.

Volunteers out in the field? When staff are deployed, it's vitally important to have a mobile friendly website than can be accessed at all times, and which facilitates easy interaction with critical data streams.

Curious to find out more?

If you think VOLO could be a good fit for your organisation or would like a similar custom solution, get in touch with us.

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