From the very largest to the very smallest

Every day across the UK, hundreds of companies, large and small use Mikkom systems to book appointments, from hospital outpatients to corporate vaccinations.

Mikkom's systems have a multitude of applications with a countless number of sectors, including -

Public Health

Whether for outpatient appointments or specialist care clinics, Mikkom systems can handle to most complex of situations, offering online triage, automated form-flling and collection and multi-language notifications.

Private Practice Health Providers

Physiotherapists, chiropractors, podiatrists and many more can benefit from Mikkom's flexible booking systems, that fit in seamlessly with your everyday computer systems.

Field Health Working

Real-time booking and 2-way communications is vital in the field of helthcare, especially when the workforce is mobile. Mikkom systems can keep staff up-to-date with vital information about changes to their appointment schedules.

Automotive - (Greasy) Hands-free Booking

Perfect for small and medium sized garages, where every minute spent away from under the bonnet is time wasted. Let Mikkom's automated booking system take care of customer bookings and schedule repairs to maximise your efficiency.

Automotive - Maintenance and Repair

With mCB's integration capabilities, let Mikkom systems save time and money by automating those important checks on make and model, work required and stock availability - all as part of the booking process.

Automotive - Specialist Services

Whether its in-car sound systems, tyre fitting and balancing, call-out repairs or any other specialist service, offering online booking is simple and cost-effective, helping you save time and especially money for you and your clients.

Body Beautiful

Nail bars, independent hairdressers, yoga teachers, masseurs and many more personal services can benefit from the convenience of having your bookings managed for you but with control from the convenience of your own phone.


Data collation and management, demographic surveys and usage statistics

Customer Support

Call and contact centre deployment, two-way client communications

Explore the world of possibilities that Mikkom can offer

Whether it's reducing waste through appointment reminders, delivering targeted support through AI, controlling costs through automated messaging, or simply booking your next visit to the gym - Mikkom has a solution for you!

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