Partner organisations


For customers in the UK and the USA, who require a hosted solution, Rackspace provides Mikkom with its hosted servers on both sides of the Atlantic.  The servers operate in a resilient fashion with the UK acting as fail safe for the US and vice versa.  This also means that all data protection requirements are met both for the UK and USA.  For more information on Rackspace, see


Twilio is a cloud communications platform as a service (PaaS) company based in San Francisco, CA. Mikkom has used Twilio gateways, linking into telecoms networks around the world, as a key part in the development of its systems, Additinally, Mikkom has incorporated Twilio’s APIs to handle inbound and outbound messaging and text to voice message conversion.  For more information on Twilio, see


CodeForge is one of Mikkom's web development providers. Based in Romania, CodeForge provides the expertise and know-how to deliver online solutions to clients across a wide range of fields. For more information see