OHSB adopts Mikkom's enhanced booking system

Newport, Shropshire, 6th June 2023

Mikkom has pleasure in announcing its newest customer, Occupational Health and Safety Bureau Ltd (OHSB), for an enhanced mCB booking system, allowing OHSB to automate and streamline many of the previously manual tasks involved in booking and managing its client appointments, for OHSB's extensive service portfolio.

OHSB, established in 1986, are a family run business, centrally located in Shropshire who are a nationwide comprehensive supplier of occupational health, safety and health surveillance services.

Dr. Amber Newson, Director of Operational Services for OHSB said, "The introduction of our Mikkom booking system has proved to be of appreciable benefit to our organisation by providing a one-stop expedient booking service which is both efficient and user-friendly. The admin interface has allowed myself as Director of Operations to streamline all bookings coming in, whilst all other employees can visit their own provider portfolios giving them all information needed for their upcoming bookings, with all booking information stored in a simple convenient form. I would highly recommend Mikkom to anyone looking for a one-stop booking system."