VOLO helps local communities during Covid-19

Windsor, UK 12th May 2020

Mikkom is pleased to announce the "go live" of its new VOLO (VOLunteer Organisation) system for the West Windsor Community Hub (WWCH), based in Windsor, UK. During this Covid-19 crisis, WWCH is providing vital community support tasks to vulnerable people.

Initially, WWCH operated on a completely manual basis, taking paper notes, jotting down shopping lists, trying to flick through paper records so as not to forget anyone. The service has grown exponentially over the last few weeks - and is likely to continue for some time yet - and it was clear that a more organised and automated approach was required.

Housed and run on its existing highly secure servers, Mikkom's VOLO system allows users (i.e. the volunteers) to log clients (i.e. the members of the community in need of help) and create, search for and designate specific tasks related to one or more clients to its volunteer base. . Volunteers can, via a smart device or computer, inform their availability (or not) to support task assignments and supervisors can assign or reassign tasks, based on volunteer availability as well as allowing users to securely upload and safely store important information (e.g. their DBS number).

This system has been provided AT MINIMAL COST and Mikkom would like to invite any other community hub ANYWHERE IN THE UK, who may have need of a similar system, to contact it via as soon as possible.