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There's a better and faster way to solve client problems and answer questions that's good for you and good for your customers.

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FAQs? ... what are they anyway?

Let's face it - who can be bothered to trawl through masses of questions on a website, to find one that (maybe) matches (sort of) what you want to ask about? Benefits include: Rapid deployment with minimal cost outlay, Enhanced customer service delivering increased profits, Quick and accurate data extraction minimising poor / delayed results based on out-of-date data, Continuous improvement to service interactions, Automatic validation helps reduce fraud and cyber threats, Superior quality of service also ensures adherence to GDPR and other legal requirements.

Ask, and it shall be answered

With AVA, people just ask questions, using their own words, and receive an answer - simple as that!

Too complex or private for a machine to deal with

No problem - AVA can collect enough information to pass on the conversation to the right person, but without the caller having to repeat themselves over again.

AVA's awake when the customer service department isn't

It doesn't matter that you've called in the middle of the night, AVA can collect the relevant info and pass this on, or schedule a call-back, when someone wakes up.

You don't even have to
be a computer whizz.

Interacting with AVA really is easy - it's been designed that way.

Explore the world of possibilities that Mikkom can offer

Whether it's reducing waste through appointment reminders, delivering targeted support through AI, controlling costs through automated messaging, or simply booking your next visit to the gym - Mikkom has a solution for you!

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