A quantum leap in client communications

Let Mikkom's experienced team guide you through the countless possibilities that this new and exciting tchnology offers.

What does an AVA chat bot mean for me?


Simple creation or customisation for rapid deployment

With a building block approach, via a straightforward user interface, chat bot solutions can be deployed or updated in a matter of minutes


Enhanced customer service delivered across multiple platforms

Deliver superior customer service, whether online, over the phone or even through a regular voice call, by letting the AVA adapt to how a customer wants to interact


Seamless data extraction and presentation

Collect data that leads to more accurate service offerings or harvest additional information for better post-booking service, automatically updated into the client record.


Improved accuracy with every passing interaction

Machine learning means that AVA continually learns, improves and adapts with every new conversation


Automatic validation to help reduce fraud and cyber threats

Train the system and then let AVA ensure all relevant legal requirements are met, as well as automatically screening out rogue threats and untrustworthy callers


Ensure you treat your customer properly

Ensure AVA delivers the ultimate in customer satisfaction by never forgetting a name, always being up-to-date with information and delivering consistent levels of quality service, 24/7/365

Explore the world of possibilities that Mikkom can offer

Whether it's reducing waste through appointment reminders, delivering targeted support through AI, controlling costs through automated messaging, or simply booking your next visit to the gym - Mikkom has a solution for you!

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