Every industry sector can benefit from AI

Some just don't know it yet

How can machine learning make a difference to you?

See how AVA can help within some specific industry sectors


Whether it's fielding calls about opening hours or locations, or helping to automate ordering repeat prescriptions, AVA can operate around the clock to save time and money for a traditionally over-stretched and under-funded sector, especially in times of financial challenges.


Let AVA go the extra mile to provide that special service offering, whether in locating a lost bag or helping to reroute stranded passengers.


Whether its demystifying customs forms or providing 24/7 parcel tracking, AVA can help with many of the common tasks facing modern logistics and freight companies today.

Local Government

Growing responsibilities and decreasing budgets mean that Local Goverment has ever increasing challenges. AVA can be the first line of contact to help local residents find their way through the plethora of information on Council websites, leaving human interaction for the neediest of cases.


In the most competitive of industries, let AVA be that all-knowing, never sleeping sales assistant, capable of suggesting alternatives and always knowing what's in stock, 24/7.


Speed up the service sector for SME garages by letting AVA field the calls for car repairs and vehicle maintenance. AVA can check the model, book an appointment and have the parts ordered, all before the car is on the ramp.

Explore the world of possibilities that Mikkom can offer

Whether it's reducing waste through appointment reminders, delivering targeted support through AI, controlling costs through automated messaging, or simply booking your next visit to the gym - Mikkom has a solution for you!

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