Online Appointment Booking and Management System

mCB’s unparalleled “out-of-the box” scheduling functionality facilitates rapid deployment of single or multi-location booking scenarios. Whether used standalone or embedded, as part of a wider system, mCB’s omni-channel booking capabilities and open APIs ensure appointment accessibility remains unaffected, regardless of the variety of access routes. Its inbuilt “white-label” capabilities make it the perfect solution for bureau operations, while mCB’s multi-level security features deliver comprehensive protection, lending itself to the most confidential of booking applications.

Booking simplicity itself

Its forms-based approach ensures booking appointments remains as simple or complex as required, often just by a quick flick of a switch.

Say goodbye to admin nightmares

Secure back-end system, either Cloud-based or within the customer environment, makes administration of client-facing operations quick and easy.

The power of teamwork

Open APIs leverage the power of existing legacy systems, ensuring existing investments remain shielded while ensuring the entire ecosystem works harder and smarter.

Rapid deployment of complex booking journals

mCB gives the unparalled ability to implement complex booking diaries. Easily link locations, services and resources, set up requirements for access to different types of service and even automate the distribution of associated documentation - all with inbuilt, multi-language, automatic notifications and cancellation options to ensure the minimum of missed appointments.

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Enhanced monitoring
and reporting

Mikkom’s online booking system includes in-built reports to track key info, crucial in ensuring a smoothly run and efficient operation.

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Smoothing the path on the information highway

Ease the extraction of critical information, facilitate the detailed analysis of booking trends and access methods, refine and target the services offered.

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React to changes
in a turbulent world

Whether its staff sickness or a hurricane blowing through, circumstances change without warning and systems need to be able to change with them. Mikkom’s systems allow rapid modification of locations, services, times, dates – even booking rules – to be managed, all in real-time and without progammer intervention

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So what does it take to implement?

Deploying a complex multi-site, multi-service booking solution does not have to be like building the pyramids


Register and define your services

Use the admin system to quickly and easily define and configure one or more service to be offered, each with its own URL and operational settings


Create the locations, dates and times for appointments

Set up the locations and generate the available appointment dates and times per service per locations


Set the messages and channels for client communications

Define what you want to say to your clients, under what circumstances you want to say it and what channels of communications you wish to use (e.g. SMS or email)


Advertise and Go-Live

Make your booking system live, publish the link and wait for the bookings to roll in.

A myriad of features to benefit any company

A customisable solution delivering rapid deployment

With a building block approach, via a straightforward user interface, booking solutions can be deployed in a matter of minutes without the need for IT involvement or coding knowledge

Multi-site / multi-service matches services required with those available

Multiple service offered from multiple locations can all be easily handled from a single system deployment, all uniquely described and individually geographically mapped

Enhanced data capture for more accurate service matching

Collect data that leads to more accurate service offerings or harvest additional information for better post-booking service, e.g. obligatory form-filling, automatically delivered back into the client record.

Omni-channel, multi-lingual 2-way communications for better client interaction

Communicate via email, text (SMS), WhatsApp or voice – or any new communications channel that may arise – and let clients respond in the manner that suits them best

Uncomplicated real-time admin control system

Straightforward configurable control, with in-built multi-layer security and monitoring, allows the system functionality to be authorised, managed, controlled and reported on from single or distributed access points, via a multitude of devices.

3rd party integration via open APIs protecting existing legacy system investment

Enjoy exponential increases in workplace efficiency and financial savings through systems' interfaces to existing legacy or 3rd party data, via published APIs.

White-labelling increases client trust and adoption

Improve client adoption and satisfaction levels by quickly and easily branding the system to match the corporate colours and ethos.

Flexible platform deployment

Match budget and technical capabilities by choosing the best way to deploy the system – either on-site for companies with in-house expertise, or in the Cloud for companies needing a faster deployment timescale – moving between the two as the need and budget allows

Cost-effective pricing options

Mikkom’s competitive and flexible pricing strategy allows customers a cost-effective way to start and grow their online booking solutions

Whether you're implementing a comprehensive new system from scratch or thinking of adapting your current solution

See what Mikkom solutions can do for you

See how Mikkom's booking solution could benefit your sector

UK or abroad, large or small.


Public or private, Mikkom's experience over 20 years is unparallelled in the industry and its solutions are used by healthcare companies large and small


Mikkom's affordable solutions provide a wealth of functionality, normally only seen in much more expensive solutions, combined with admin and delivery systems perfect for small business

Sports and Social

With omni-channel capabilities and secure 2-way messaging, Mikkom's booking solutions are perfect for sports and social clubs of any size.

“1st year Return of Investment of 174% ”

Through the implementation of the Mikkom system we were able to realize significant clinical efficiencies resulting in a 1st year Return of Investment of 174% and an annual saving of 64%. Patient and staff appear very satisfied with the system.

Oliver Schmid, PhD

Director of Evaluation and IM&T South Calgary PCN, Alberta, Canada

“it was the advantage we had over our competitors”

We have more than doubled the number of employees who have engaged with the booking system which ultimately means more profit.

Julian Evans

Managing Director, Flu Xpress

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