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mCS - the ultimate in personalised gift card systems

With a current market worth over £6.7bn, gift cards are a staple business marketing tool and a preferred gift of choice for consumers.

Let mCS help you to increase footfall, enhance enhance sales and boost your bottom-line revenue - quick, efficient and cost-effective.

Increase sales with custom gift cards

Fast and flexible solution

Totally customisable gift cards with instant delivery. From initial concept creation through to card fulfilment, mCS delivers rapid RoI for large and small customers alike.

Online and in-store

From standard gift card offerings to white-label e-Commerce gift card design, order and fulfilment, the mCS platform enables you to reach customers online as well as in-store.
Let the myriad of features totally enhance your gift card offering and allow you to reap significant benefits and returns.

Did you know?

Not a lot of people know this.


of people spend more on a gift card than they would on a physical gift.
(Source UKGCVA)


of consumers spend more than the value on the card, adding on top of the average value of the card itself.
(Source UKGCVA)


spend extra cash when redeeming a gift card.
(Source UKGCVA)


like to have the ability to completely personalise the product with a photo upload, video content or bespoke packaging.
(Source UKGCVA)

Join the gift card revolution - this time, it's personal!

Perfect for the "big gestures" or the little "thank you", let Mikkom show you how easy and cost-effective it is to deploy gift cards and vouchers in your business.

The ultimate in elegance and efficiency

Whether you're a supermarket wanting to free up costly rack-space or a small retailer just wanting to broaden your appeal, mCS is a quick, effective and easy solution tailored to meet your needs.


Pick a gift card.

Buyers choose from a variety of beautiful own brand or 3rd party digital or plastic gift card designs, matched to season or occasion, and select the amount.


Personalise the gift.

You can personalize your gift with a video or photo uploaded from your own smart device, together with an individual message.


Available to spend in seconds.

No more waiting around for the post to arrive or trying to figure out how to print out an email when the printer's run out of ink - mCS delivers in seconds! Your card can be paid for, validated and despatched or simply printed out for you, in a matter of moments. Once received, all the recipient has to do is spend it (they can send a thank you note, too!).

A card for every occasion

Unleash the power of your marketing ideas with unprecidented control of card design and deployment, tailored by festival, season or special occasion, while tracking the success of your ideas down to the success and popularity of individual card designs.


Unlimited card styles, designed in advance, deployed in seconds.

Card designs can be created well in advance of when they're needed - Christmas in July! - but deployed as and when required, across the system or simply in specific geographic areas to match requirements.


Performance trends at the touch of a button.

A full statistics package allows card designs and promotions to be tracked and reported on, ensuring the correct response to the latest market intelligence.


Multi-language admin system for cross-country and multi-national deployments.

Multi-language, multi-currency, multi-site, secure, real-time control ensures that mCS meets the needs of even the biggest retail conglomerates.

More features

Customise cards with picture and/or message

Meet the growing demand for total personalisation by allowing customers to upload from their smart device. Maximise gift cards/vouchers uptake to add significant value to your bottom line.

Protect existing systems investment

Utilise your existing in-house systems and interfaces to settle and deliver cards without disrupting in-house processes.

Simple system to use, run and maintain

Making innovative marketing ideas the focus for customer engagement without the need for detailed technical knowledge.

Multi card / white labelling capability

Run multiple card types for multiple brands and save acres of expensive in-store rack space

Cloud-based and SSL secure, requiring no system implementation

Don’t be limited by existing IT infrastructure – start small, grow big

High-quality card printing interface for immediate print or 3rd party fulfilment

Ensuring that standards and high quality end-products are delivered for discerning customers

Perfect solution for re-purposed plastic, eco-cards or even e-cards

Promoting your “green” credentials and meet corporate eco-goals, while helping reduce redundant hardware and consumables, could not be easier

With no upfront costs and highly scalable, rapid deployments

Easily keep pace with the retail year and match new seasonal / product offerings with new marketing ideas

Total system security and protected user integrity

Mikkom's extensive experience of delivering secure and trusted systems development engender trust from users and ensure repeat purchases

Proven security

You wouldn't trust just anybody with your money – so why should it be different with gift cards. Some of the biggest organisations in the country trust Mikkom with their most sensitive information. Cyber Essentials approved and running on state-of-the-art systems, Mikkom provides the same system security to all customers, large or small.

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